The Benefits of Minecraft

Minecraft, although it might seem like just another video game that is trying to steal your kids’ attention and money actually has a lot to offer.

Due to the fact that building in Minecraft is so similar to the real world, it inspires creativity in kids as they explore and build. There are many different real-world problems and obstacles that force your child to figure out how to solve problems.

While building, your child will be relating to complex buildings they have seen before in real life, and will try and achieve the same interesting look in game. This teaches them how to think critically about how buildings are developed and designed.

You still might be thinking it’s just another video game, but trust me, as a kid I know that Minecraft actually has a lot of potential for teaching us kids about solving problems and urban planning.

Minecraft Review Minecraft Picture Coast House Review
A picture of one of my friends’ incredible houses built on the coastline.

Minecraft sparks a lot of creativity in kids. This is because in creative (a mode with infinite materials), they can free roam, and build anything, any size. In survival mode, in contrast, you have to fight monsters, gather your materials, kill for food, and build a shelter. You have to really be creative with what they put where, because they have to conserve their finite amount of materials while still building an adequate shelter to defend themselves against monsters. This is why Minecraft, though a video game, can still inspire creativity in kids.

Minecraft Review Minecraft Picture Redstone Review
A switch attached to a wire (Redstone) powering lamps

Secondly, Minecraft confronts kids with many real-world problems, such as finding adequate shelter, food, making tools, and surviving. For example, in survival mode, you have to chop down wood to make sticks and planks to build. With these materials, you can then craft a sword to defend yourself against monsters. Just that process alone is quite complicating. Due to many sequences like this, as children play they learn how to problem solve, an essential real-world skill that will really help them in their futures. Presented with these problems, children always find unique ways to solve them. This is why Minecraft teaches kids the essential skill of problem-solving.

Minecraft Review Picture of Eiffel Tower in Minecraft Review
Minecraft version of the Eiffel tower (made by PlanetMinecraft)

Lastly, when children build in Minecraft, they start to think critically. Especially in creative mode, where resources are infinite. When they are trying to make an awesome build, their mind wanders to other cool buildings they have seen recently in real life. In doing this, they start trying to match their design with the one they have seen recently, resulting in them learning how to start thinking critically about different buildings and urban planning. For example, this build of the Eiffel tower was inspired by the building in real life. The creator of the build had to constantly compare their build to the actual thing.

All in all, Minecraft does have a good influence on kids because not only does it inspire creativity and problem-solving, but also teaches kids how to think critically about urban planning. What’s also so important about this game is that kids have fun while learning, therefore they want to learn more. Personally, I think that this is one of my favorite video games, and I know I am actually learning when I play it.

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