Best Urban Planning Gifts for Kids

Urban Planning is an essential skill for kids to learn, especially if they are planning to become an architect, or maybe even a city designer when they grow up.

These gifts can be the catalyst for children, and bring out the young urban planner in them.

1. Blockitecture

This is a very simple wooden block building set that is perfect for demonstrating urban planning. It has many different styles, including Brutalism, Deco, Factory, Habitat, and Parkland. It is extremely easy to build, clean up, and put away. It is a simple and modern way to look at a city, therefore teaching children how to build modern, and simplistic architecture.

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2. Urban Fold

Urban fold is, as you probably guessed, made out of paper. This gift is perfect for kids because they are able to construct their own buildings and put them wherever they desire. There is also a wide selection of buildings to mix and match, and many stickers to put on buildings as well. This colorful set also really inspires simplistic architecture and sparks a lot of creativity.

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3. Where Things are From Near to Far By Tim Halbur and Chris Steins

While Hugo was playing in the city park, he wondered: Who put these buildings here? Hugo’s mother leads him on a quick tour of the city, the country, and everything in-between to explain the answer. This is the perfect book for young urban planners, illustrating that every building has its place, and that everything is constructed where it is for a reason.

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4. Lego City Sets

This is my personal favorite item on the list, because you can really do anything with legos, and it is really satisfying when you take a step back and see the whole thing coming together, starting to take shape. These intricate sets also inspire creativity in many kids because you really don’t need to follow the building instructions; you can build whatever you want, wherever you want.

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