Top 5 Gifts for Candy Lovers

Everyone has a friend with a sweet tooth, but giving them the same simple candy every holiday gets old pretty quickly.

So if you want to revolutionize your sugar intake, and become a beast at glacé gift giving, look no further: here are the top 5 gifts for candy lovers.

1. Giant Gummy Bear

Giant Gummy Bear approx 5 Pounds - Cherry Flavored Giant Gummy Bear

Do you ever just stare into your empty kitchen cabinets, feeling a bit lonely at night? Hungry, maybe? Well, you can combine those two desires in one massive, delectable delight: The giant gummy bear. Large enough to be an actual bear, and also large enough to feed an actual bear, this hunky mass of gummy yummy will last you for days and can serve as both friend and food.

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2. Kinder Joy Chocolate Eggs

Once banned in the US for being a choking hazard, these milky, mouth-watering treats are back with a vengeance. They have a small toy inside, making them essentially the candy equivalent of a happy meal, and are as fun to play with as they are to eat. Shipped in egg cartons, buy your special someone some kinder eggs and help them answer the age-old question: what came first, the chicken or the kinder egg?

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3. Giant Lollipop

In the iconic lollipop commercial, an owl asks “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?”. Well, with 25 dollars, a strong tongue, and lots of perseverance, you can take that question to the next level with the giant lollipop. This nearly two-pound chunk of pure sugar will keep you licking for days, and, in the clutch, can be used for a variety of other things: a baseball bat, a golf club, or an umbrella.

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4. Giant Tub of Nutella

Too cool for just a normal sized tub of Nutella? Too poor to afford a swimming pool? Solve both your problems at once with the Giant Nutella Tub: large enough to satisfy your nutty Nutella yearnings, and large enough to take the occasional cooling dip in. The hazelnuts do wonders for your skin!

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5. Candy Sweet Soaker

Once in a generation, a special kind of invention comes around that changes the way we interact with the world around us. I’m not sure if this is that invention, but it takes a certain kind of genius to put candy inside a water gun. Are you going to shoot out fruity, fun flavored candy water? Or are you just going to eat the candy, then blast your friend with soaking wet jets? You decide!

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So there are the top 5 gifts for candy lovers! Send this to your friends as a subtle hint for the next holiday season, or just go and buy these tasty treats yourself. If you have any suggestions, comments, or further questions, then leave a comment or email me at


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