Top 3 Urban City Building Games in 2019

Video games are often thought of as time consuming, and non-social. However, while this may be true for some, there are still many games that have potential to teach young gamers valuable lessons and strategies around building cities.

I have compiled a small list of games that can help teach children what it is like to be in control of a city, and how to be a good leader by tending to everyone’s needs and growing responsibly and sustainably.

1. SimCity (Free!)

In this extremely realistic second world, you are the mayor of your very own town. As you expand your rapidly growing city, you are confronted with real life situations and problems such as fires, crime, pollution, and traffic. To have a successful city, you must overcome these challenges all the while having tons of fun playing a game. You need to plan what goes where, when and how, and learn what it is like to be an actual mayor, and learn some of the challenges faced by urban planners.

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2. Cities Skylines ($14.99)

Cities Skylines is one of the best city builder games that you can play right now. It has many possibilities and features for players to create their dream city. Cities Skylines challenges the player’s management and creative skills, whether you play with money or in sandbox mode. In the beginning of every city create you will experience the need to expand quickly and grow your population. Until traffic becomes a problem! This is one of the main challenges, to find and create efficient and innovative ways to solve traffic and expansion problems. Traffic management, policies, taxes, urban planning, resources, and city connections are only a few things you’ll learn to manage in-game.

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3. Minecraft ($26.95)

In this classic game where everything is made out of blocks, you are free to do whatever you like. You can just build, survive, destroy, ect. (Learn more about Minecraft). Minecraft teaches you the essentials of building circuits, and buildings that are protected from other players, and mobs (bad guys). It is even being used by thousands of architects to build and model houses.

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Video games don’t have to be the stereotypically addicting games that fry your brain. Many can actually teach us very valuable lessons, including how to build and plan cities, such as these ones. As we head into the digital age, technology will become increasingly abundant, and will be used for many tasks that we might think of as impossible today.

If you would like more information on any of these games or have any further questions and comments, leave a comment or email me at:


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