Five Things I Wish I Knew When I started Watch Dogs 2

If played right, Watch Dogs 2 is an extremely fun and action packed game, the main characters (In Dedsec) being hackers.

However, the game can be confusing and infuriating at points when it seems as though the mission at hand is impossible.

So, here are five of my recommended tips for Watch Dogs 2 beginners:

1. This is a Game of Hacking, Not Shooting

Watch Dogs 2 is based around Marcus, who is a hacker and member of Dedsec (a hacker group). As you can probably infer, this game is based around hacking. Even the description of the game states, “use hacking and stealth to complete missions without killing a single enemy”. I’ll admit; you can take out an enemy or two with a gun without being caught, but if you start running around shooting enemies, then the police and or gangs will be on you before you can take another step. So instead of using firepower to get what you need, use your Jumper and Quadcopter, or be stealthy.

2. The Most Helpful Research Path is ‘Social Engineering’

The category ‘Social Engineering’ provides the ability to manipulate people’s data. This category is the most useful (in my opinion) because you can make random civilians gang or police targets, distract them, and listen in on phone and text conversations. This category of hacking abilities are also extremely helpful on just about every mission, especially when you want to get the police involved to take out the enemy, or distract them.

3. The First Thing You Buy Should be the Quadcopter

The ‘Quadcopter’ (or drone) is one of the most handy tools you can get. The only downside to this is that it can’t pick up money; however, you can profile unreachable targets, hack/download remotely, and reach many places that the jumper (remote control car with two wheels) can’t, due to the fact that it can fly. Although the drone is very useful, it is very expensive, costing $67,500 but is definitely worth it.

4. Money Can Mostly Only Get You Cosmetics

In this game there is no such thing as buying a house. Just about all of your money can only be spent buying clothes, paint jobs, and skins for your weapons. So, instead of aiming to become rich and only go for the money bags hidden around the map, you should instead try to earn Research Points by completing missions or gaining followers, which are much more valuable.

5. Almost Every Mission can be Completed With Only RC/Drone

As I stated earlier, Watch Dogs 2 is based around hacking. This includes the use of the Quadcopter and the Jumper, controlling the two remotely in order to complete whole missions without even lying a foot in enemy territory. The game also supports the usage of these two devices by placing various wholes and openings for the Jumper to access restricted area that Marcus can’t. Only using these two robots also prevents you from getting involved with the police and gangs.

I hope that this list was exactly what you were hoping for, and this article helps you become a better, more savvy player.

If you have any further ideas or questions, email me at .


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