10 Craziest Waterslides in the World

As a small child, I loved going to waterparks. (Who doesn’t?) I immediately fell in love with everything about it.

I thought that those 10 foot toddler slides were the coolest thing.

As I’ve grown up I have discovered that the slides I once thought were amazing are actually nothing in comparison to these ten craziest waterslides in the world.

1. Leap of Faith

Courtesy of Atlantis Water Park

This monster is located on Atlantis Paradise Island, in the Bahamas. Standing 60 feet high, this ride jets riders down an open-air slide and through a tube that’s surrounded by a shark-filled pool.

2. Insano Waterslide

Courtesy of poplyft.com

Once tallest waterslide in the world, at 140 feet, this slide is located in Beach Park in Brazil. It sends its courageous riders from 0 to 65 mph in less than 5 seconds.

3. Kilimanjaro

Courtesy of cnn.com

This slide is in Rodovia, Brazil. At about 160 feet tall, it is tallest body slide in the world. So tall, in fact, that almost 1/3 of the riders that go up never make it down.

4. Scorpion’s Tail

Courtesy of tripadvisor.com

Ten stories high and 400 feet long, this beast located in Wisconsin accelerates riders over 50 feet per second! All this speed sends you around a giant loop (or the ‘scorpion’s tail’).

5. Tantrum Alley

Courtesy of pinterest.com

The picture pretty much says it all; located in Dubai, this four-person raft sends you through a dizzying 5 tornadoes until coming to a rest.

6. Mammoth

Courtesy of blooloop.com

Located in India, this is one of the longest water slides in the world. Just under 1/3 of a mile long, the windy slide carries 4-6 people at a time over 3 acres.

7. King Cobra

Courtesy of blooloop.com

This snake-like slide is located in Turkey. Getting up to speeds over 50 km per hour, you are sent through the body of a snake in one or two person rafts.

8. Super S Slide

Courtesy of Daemyung Resort

As one of the main attractions in Ocean World (Korea), this slide throws you just about vertical against the walls during really tight turns, to the point where you feel like you are going to flip.

9. Summit Plummet

Courtesy of Walt Disney World

As the 3rd tallest and fastest free-fall slide in the world, this crazy ride sends riders speeding down the slide going up to 60 mph! It is located in Orlando, Florida, in Blizzard Beach (one of Disney World’s two water parks. The slide is about 120 feet tall. Due to the extreme hight and speed, after I careened down the ‘slopes’ and got out of the way for the next brave rider, I realized that while going down my back got extremely bruised up.

10. Lipno Water Slide

Courtesy of pinterest.com

Combining both twist, and turns, and a steep slope, this beautiful and unique metal slide is the perfect destination for any vacation.

That just about raps up this list of the ten craziest waterslides in the world! If you have any other ideas for this list, then be sure to leave a comment or email me at grant.steins@gmail.com . Thanks for reading!

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