10 Craziest Waterslides in the World

As a small child, I loved going to waterparks. (Who doesn’t?) I immediately fell in love with everything about it. I thought that those 10 foot toddler slides were the coolest thing. As I’ve grown up I have discovered that the slides I once thought were amazing are actually nothing in comparison to these ten craziest waterslides in the world. 1. Leap of Faith This … Continue reading 10 Craziest Waterslides in the World

HTC Vive-Everything you need for HTC Vive VR

Everything You Need for VR with HTC Vive

Recently, I learned about the technology of the future — virtually reality (VR). I was instantly intrigued on the idea of being able to be in my living room at one moment, and looking over the edge of Half Dome the next. After setting up my own VR system, I realized how crucial getting all of the right equipment is. It took me some trial … Continue reading Everything You Need for VR with HTC Vive

Urban Planning Gift Ideas Best Urban Planning gifts for kids young urban planners review best urban planning gifts urban planning gifts review

Best Urban Planning Gifts for Kids

Urban Planning is an essential skill for kids to learn, especially if they are planning to become an architect, or maybe even a city designer when they grow up. These gifts can be the catalyst for children, and bring out the young urban planner in them. 1. Blockitecture This is a very simple wooden block building set that is perfect for demonstrating urban planning. It … Continue reading Best Urban Planning Gifts for Kids

Benefits of Minecraft Review

The Benefits of Minecraft

Minecraft, although it might seem like just another video game that is trying to steal your kids’ attention and money actually has a lot to offer. Due to the fact that building in Minecraft is so similar to the real world, it inspires creativity in kids as they explore and build. There are many different real-world problems and obstacles that force your child to figure … Continue reading The Benefits of Minecraft