Top 3 Nerf Guns in 2019

In this article I will be describing the pros and cons of my three personal favorite Nerf Guns: Firestrike, Magnus, and Rotofury.

I know from experience that nerf guns are the perfect gifts for kids and teens any age. They are a great family activity too, having family battles, or everyone for themselves.

If you are looking into getting nerf guns as a gift or just for yourself here are some of my personal favorites:

1. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster

Pros: This is how Nerf combines a long range gun with a machine gun. This powerful beast can unload up to 25 darts at once, allowing you to destroy your friends without giving them a chance to fight back. Not only can it hold 25 darts, it can shoot up to 75 feet. Cons: As you might imagine, this ‘machine gun’ gets jammed quite often, and can be a real pain in the midst of battle.

Despite the cons, this rapid-fire long ranged monster is my favorite on this list, because it is the perfect mix between fire power and range.

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2. Rotofury

Pros: This massive gun has outstanding firepower, shooting up to 90 feet. You can shoot one at a time, or slamfire ten bullets at a time. This gun is great for medium and close range, and you don’t need to bring any extra bullets along with you.
Cons: This gun is extremely noisy, especially when you slamfire. Also, this gun is quite big and bulky, so it is hard to maneuver with it, and you can’t be carrying two guns at a time.

This gun holds the second spot on my list of nerf favorites because it is far ranged, and has a large magazine. This gun is great for family battles, and the perfect gift for anyone.

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3. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

Pros: This massive weapon can launch a dart up to ninety feet, placing this gun near the top of my list. This isn’t any regular sniper, because it it carries two barrels holding up to 25 darts each, so it has the capacity to demolish anything in it’s sites. This turret looking monster also has a removable tripod, which helps with the stability. Cons: Despite the range and bullet capacity, this gun is expensive, bulky and hard to carry, and requires a lot of energy to run (6 D batteries).

This is one of the best long ranged guns, which makes this gun my overall third favorite gun. If you use it as a stationary gun, it would be the perfect weapon to hold of enemy siege.

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If you have any further comments other Nerf recommendations, email me at or leave a comment.


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